These are the older versions of 'please be nice :('. Enjoy!

Every suggestion listed in gold & gray was suggested by someone who donated! (Note: he or she still had to beat the game to get the suggestion! ;))
Version Time completed Completion speed Download URL Suggestion for next version Suggested by Reason suggestion is not allowed
111:00:48 14-03-2014Unknown Here I would like to see a character selection screen with at least 3 options and 1 I'd like to play if I were a girl.Hans CronauN/A
211:56:11 14-03-2014Unknown Here Make the player feel the emotion LOVEMarries van de HoefN/A
312:46:48 14-03-2014Unknown Here Stylish background with flashy colours!MarianneN/A
413:58:03 14-03-2014Unknown Here Obstacles!9joao6N/A
515:02:54 14-03-2014Unknown Here simple lighting effects (maybe also dynamic lighting or bloom)jfrp24N/A
615:16:21 14-03-2014Unknown Here Camera follows the playerPimN/A
715:27:19 14-03-2014Unknown Here At least five levels.ErwinN/A
815:56:37 14-03-2014Unknown Here Make the level have edges so you can't lose your character.Kim van den EngN/A
916:13:10 14-03-2014Unknown Here Level obstacles and gradual introduction of enemies. Basically a maze or other level structure to move through. Tim SpaninksN/A
1017:24:48 14-03-2014Unknown Here colorful walls!LegacyCronoN/A
1117:33:00 14-03-2014Unknown Here NICK CAGEAIDENN/A
1217:43:37 14-03-2014Unknown Here press space to use a weapon that kills spikeskevinN/A
1318:47:59 14-03-2014Unknown Here collectibles!LegacyCronoN/A
1419:21:59 14-03-2014Unknown Here twerkmomTroll
1419:23:30 14-03-2014Unknown Here Kawaii uguu levelShizuN/A
1521:15:24 14-03-2014Unknown Here gravity, clicking somewhere changes gravity to that spot.viredxN/A
1622:56:34 14-03-2014Unknown Here giant star boss, wearing googly eyed pants, shoots backviredxN/A
1701:21:49 15-03-2014Unknown Here new enemy typerandomN/A
1812:09:12 15-03-2014Unknown Here weapons selection screenShizuN/A
1913:06:38 15-03-2014Unknown Here Some awesome musicsvipiN/A
2013:46:43 15-03-2014Unknown Here Gun always points at mouse, new gun, laserViredxN/A
2114:08:58 15-03-2014Unknown Here exploding bridgeIvanN/A
2214:49:34 15-03-2014Unknown Here speed run timersvipiN/A
2315:35:00 15-03-2014Unknown Here More,bigger levelsViredxN/A
2417:02:23 15-03-2014114.42 s Here Moral choice systemZallistN/A
2518:30:00 15-03-2014Unknown Here Stats screenZallistianN/A
2619:34:24 15-03-201481.1 s Here New unique characterZallistN/A
2719:50:34 15-03-201486.88 s Here Press R to ReplayViredXN/A
2819:58:33 15-03-201478.22 s Here Barrier that gets removed when a web timer has been checked. To make it fair for people to win.ThecommunityN/A
2920:56:23 15-03-201465.78 s Here mute buttonviredxN/A
3021:36:51 15-03-201490.35 s Here Mudkip characterZallistN/A
3111:36:59 16-03-2014101.58 s Here IVAN character with name over himivan2340N/A
3212:01:46 16-03-201481.9 s Here Change ivan's pic to dahahaka's profile pic from twitchivan2340N/A
3312:21:49 16-03-201471.03 s Here explosive barrelsivan2340N/A
3413:41:58 16-03-2014104.18 s Here AchievementsZallistN/A
3515:02:10 16-03-201490.43 s Here 1 pink bunny: multiplies when touching. can fill up whole screenAnne Bras PC-king.nlN/A
3616:38:56 16-03-2014104.55 s Here RPGZallistN/A
3717:11:34 16-03-201479.97 s Here fullscreenviredxN/A
3817:32:00 16-03-201499.82 s Here dome fossil mini boss that spawns enemiesMagnaromaN/A
3918:16:41 16-03-201488.08 s Here ViredxgunViredxN/A
4018:42:26 16-03-2014116.47 s Here secret psychedelic bonus level (with fractals and rainbows)taxesN/A
4119:46:46 16-03-2014329.35 s Here gun that shoots bunniestaxesN/A
4220:27:29 16-03-2014120.82 s Here left click shoot right click vortex middleclick/space detonate all bunnies, yeah that sounds about right.viredxN/A
4320:57:41 16-03-2014210.75 s Here All monsters must be killed to finish levelAN/A
4421:28:18 16-03-2014243.75 s Here laser shotgun!renwoldN/A
4521:50:35 16-03-2014301.4 s Here change victory condition to allow killing all enemies OR reaching level exit; killing all enemies ends level immediatelyrenwoldN/A
4611:36:48 17-03-2014210.83 s Here Weapon upgrades (speed, explosive ammo, projectile speed etc)IeuanN/A
4713:03:52 17-03-2014173.83 s Here Add flashy color effects like MonacoIeuanN/A
4813:35:17 17-03-2014111.85 s Here opaque mini map in the bottom left cornerWilkinN/A
4914:34:01 17-03-201491.82 s Here YOU BLEW IT sound clip from the movie Billy Madison plays upon deathWilkinN/A
5014:49:13 17-03-201498.08 s Here Put my stats on the version history page in gold for v49 onlyWilkinN/A
5115:08:29 17-03-2014125.55 s Here add two new 'arena' maps with no exit pads, must kill all enemiesrenwoldN/A
5216:16:31 17-03-2014271.38 s Here Bullet hell level where enemies shoot on the beat of the musicWessel_GinoN/A
5317:03:54 17-03-2014333.52 s Here wow. um. ranged enemy type!renwoldN/A
5419:23:50 17-03-2014148.05 s Here Doge themed menu systemZallistN/A
5520:12:57 17-03-2014193.48 s Here Fix esc on barrier check, "many controls" option in menuZallistN/A
5621:08:14 17-03-2014136.07 s Here m to hide map!renwoldN/A
5721:48:19 17-03-2014176.55 s Here add bird jesusBirdN/A
5800:00:02 18-03-2014161.97 s Here add devil birdbirdN/A
5916:05:56 18-03-2014161.23 s Here secret level exits in the NEXT level, powerups drop from enemies (5-10%?)renwoldN/A
6016:50:04 18-03-2014165.8 s Here lightning sword shoots at randomviredxN/A
6120:54:13 18-03-2014247.83 s Here a totally very dark level nic cage11223344N/A
6201:59:16 19-03-2014199.47 s Here Whatever Radicaltaxidermist wantsPyromaniaN/A
6312:35:49 19-03-2014204 s Here HARRY STYLES :DA32bN/A
6413:49:41 19-03-2014348.5 s Here Press key/button to replay level (for when youre stuck in a wall)abeN/A
6514:14:59 19-03-2014255.83 s Here press v to DASH with onscreen energy meterviredx and beat guyN/A
6619:33:25 19-03-2014177.1 s Here gungun , shoots guns that shoot!viredxN/A
6721:03:57 19-03-2014191.87 s Here Sheriff bird acts different from the other birds, perhaps arrests you if you kill the birdsBirdN/A
6822:05:19 19-03-2014290.32 s Here COINSSSS $$$$$abeN/A
6923:59:04 19-03-2014208.03 s Here survival gamemodeviredxN/A
7001:48:39 20-03-2014184.58 s Here multiple in game reminders of "Birds are very important"CatN/A
7112:45:32 20-03-2014612.72 s Here Insert a sleepy cat between levelsCodyN/A
7221:47:12 20-03-2014216.18 s Here no birds on boss levels/arenas, faster spikes, spikes less affected by vortexrenwoldN/A
7322:40:53 20-03-2014181.08 s Here make all bosses harder!renwoldN/A
7420:13:27 21-03-2014188.72 s Here lives! can game over, 100 coins new lifeviredxN/A
7521:48:03 21-03-2014182.97 s Here dome boss moved to mid-game boss, drops dome-boss themed weapon powerup (a-la megaman)renwoldN/A
7623:23:18 21-03-2014172.87 s Here socks, whiskey with drunk effecttaxesN/A
7702:06:01 22-03-2014422.03 s Here food related powerupsMadMallardN/A
7814:51:07 22-03-2014150.95 s Here Turretlegun, MB1 to fire, release to make him stop, shoots towards the cursor, space to detonate.ViredxN/A
7916:26:11 22-03-2014538.83 s Here I want to be able to shoot the potion!DraikenN/A
8020:50:56 23-03-2014149.35 s Here Make game easier.ViredxN/A
8122:28:54 23-03-2014233.57 s Here Add beatguy himself to the game :D (now youre REALLY famous!)AbeN/A
8223:13:35 23-03-2014175.93 s Here captain's choicerenwoldN/A
8300:25:22 24-03-2014187.83 s Here deathmoose cameobenedict cumberbatchN/A
8410:01:28 24-03-2014305.8 s Here a spider that shoots webs that slow you downsagralN/A
8511:07:10 24-03-2014341.9 s Here Add food to recover HPsagralN/A
8612:22:32 24-03-2014340.63 s Here Spider lay spidereggs every 10 sec, spider eggs hatch every 10 sec 2 littel posonus spiders, also big spiders leav websagralN/A
8713:07:37 24-03-2014390.25 s Here make nick cage face change when shootingSagralN/A
8819:24:01 24-03-2014206.53 s Here Hardcore gamemode, 1hp, instadeaths.DomefossilpowerupsuxN/A
8919:54:44 24-03-2014154.23 s Here Picking bunnygun changes view to whole level. X locks player movement. Arrow keys controls All bunniesViredxN/A
9020:29:07 24-03-2014159.88 s Here Cornonthecob enemy,blocks path, explodes in high velocity corn, those pop in 1 second to home after player,evil popcornViredxN/A
9121:58:41 24-03-2014149.83 s Here Automatic rifle bullet make tiny explosions(blow up walls) RPG makes huge explosions.ViredxN/A
9222:33:04 24-03-2014134.38 s Here Viredx hardcore mode final boss, uses uzi,moves fast(bullet hell boss)ViredxN/A
9316:57:05 25-03-2014269.73 s Here Ingame economy (I wanna spend those coins! :D)abeN/A
9418:48:50 25-03-2014288.8 s Here No game is complete without the KONAMI CODEabeN/A
9509:59:25 26-03-2014419.23 s Here Armed alliesGrutte PierN/A
9611:14:04 26-03-2014369.48 s Here magic spellabeN/A
9711:55:58 26-03-2014272.78 s Here Tank character! It should be slow, have 10hp, MB1=RPG and MB2=automatic rifle :)abeN/A
9814:40:15 26-03-20141874 s Here Finish before evil pigTemper BanalpelN/A
9921:43:17 28-03-2014216.47 s Here Secret bossfight after finishing the game with all the starsTheloN/A
10000:03:48 29-03-2014147.73 s Here barrel explotions leave toxic wastesagralN/A
10114:22:28 29-03-2014217.33 s Here all blocks and enemies take multiple hits to break/killViredxN/A
10215:47:06 29-03-2014344.83 s Here talking and facecam on stream :D (and make the walls stronger)abeN/A
10316:21:34 29-03-2014132.98 s Here new levels!New Levels!N/A
10421:38:45 30-03-2014191.75 s Here New Red gungun, Passes through walls, can't be blown up by other gungunsViredxN/A
10522:38:52 30-03-2014194.07 s Here Make birds stronger, and no longer able to be harmed by player.gusN/A
10623:03:57 30-03-2014205.55 s Here New playable character called "Party Chair" which is a lawn chair.PyromaniaYEAN/A
10723:49:00 30-03-2014209.58 s Here shooting birds still lowers morality and makes them cry tears of deathgusN/A
10810:49:57 31-03-2014258.32 s Here sheild weapon that blocks enemies and deflects projectiles.gusN/A
10915:05:03 31-03-2014422.78 s Here Make birds move to your "backside" so you don't shoot them as oftenGrutte PierN/A
11019:52:42 31-03-2014399.07 s Here more STATS on version page (number of stars, coins, deaths etc.)A32bN/A
11120:33:45 31-03-2014197.73 s Here weapon select for both mouse buttons. vortex is now a gungusN/A
11222:48:18 31-03-2014241.15 s Here Optional Boss which is a fluffy sheep god.PyromaniaYEAN/A
11317:14:40 01-04-2014284.83 s Here Two Planet of the Apes references (one of them a reference to the "YOU BLEW IT UP! " lineKeeganMoserN/A
11417:39:42 01-04-2014223 s Here Rarely, when you kill an enemy, it will play the "Yoohoo" sound clip from Disney's Frozen. PyromaniaYEAN/A
11521:20:35 04-04-2014289.53 s Here Dome fossil no longer a random powerup,only drops from dome boss.DomefossilsuxN/A
11621:49:20 04-04-2014289.73 s Here Space core character that yells Space core quotesSpaaaaceN/A
11722:35:51 04-04-2014201.67 s Here Anthing you guys want!gusN/A
11823:03:26 04-04-2014175.78 s Here Dash in the direction you move.I'msodashingN/A
11923:27:40 04-04-2014152.87 s Here Chickens that,when you attack them spawn a swarm of angry red chickens, like in LoZ games.ChickenN/A
12014:59:08 05-04-2014126.33 s Here Secondary weapon; Weapon modifier, different for all weapons, sword longer slash, shield becomes a bigger shield etc..ViredxN/A
12116:12:22 05-04-2014121.73 s Here Huge maze level, randomly generated. (I know you have code for that >=P)NotViredxN/A
12221:00:49 06-04-2014208.92 s Here Reversegun; Bullets come from the cursor and fly into the player as if time was reversed. (Assault rifle)DefinetlyNotViredxN/A
12321:38:13 06-04-2014183.22 s Here Stars increase max health, place a star in every level.ViredxN/A
12422:08:33 06-04-2014289.67 s Here add a MERCHANT to level 10 (with custom BEATS) :DabeN/A
12523:16:19 06-04-2014343.07 s Here Dragon characterKeeganN/A
12613:44:48 08-04-2014514.02 s Here angry merchant, angry sheep, angry bird... i would like more LOVE in this game :)abeN/A
12714:39:22 08-04-2014281.88 s Here Heartcore mode. SeppukuN/A
12815:14:57 08-04-2014201.47 s Here healthcap increase to 50, but having more than 6 health makes you really slow. ViredxN/A
12915:42:29 08-04-2014206.27 s Here Remove BunniesGrutte PierN/A
13013:31:13 18-04-2014703.23 s Here Add rainbow clad demons equipped with pillows as enemysEthan HoweN/A
13114:29:28 18-04-2014199.42 s Here Savefile; stores achievements and lowest speed per version in a listViredxN/A
13215:55:04 18-04-2014261.7 s Here Replace all the hearts with normal stuffGrutte PierN/A
13310:04:32 24-04-20141010.72 s Here Upgrades that behave like "Options" from Gradius (orbiting your character and shooting with the same weapon)BloodyPandaN/A