please be nice :(

Hey there! Thanks for coming to the donate page!

As you may or may not know, we really want to submit please be nice :( to IndieCade. But since we're all broke students and submitting does cost money, we could really use your help! Any amount of money is appreciated!

So what will your money be spent on? The first bit of money will be spent on submitting to IndieCade which costs about 80$. EDIT: we made it! Thanks everyone who donated and who helped create the game! You are an awesome community! If we make that, our next goal is getting the money to get there. We don't expect to make enough money to fully fund our travels to LA, but if we do that'd be awesome! If we don't, we'll use the money to invest in the future of please be nice :(.

So what will you get?! If you donate money, your name will show up in gold on the suggestions page! You can specify your name in the PayPal special message.